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Photography Projects

Live, promotional, and portrait photography for musicians and bands - press kits, PR, album covers, websites, merchandise, etc. 


Kimberly Rose photographed youth participants with their handmade masks in different poses on a green screen and then created a stop motion short movie using the stills and the storyline they developed. Kim was also responsible for creating graphics and giving the photos a comic style treatment. The short was about fighting stigma, bullying and other everyday battles youth face in their lives. 


Photo Art

Creating characters & story through photography

(Gallery coming soon)


Stop The Pain Opioid Awareness Project

Stop The Pain, focused on bringing light to how the opioid epidemic affects real people through stories, photography and videos. Kimberly Rose was honored to work on this project as the lead photographer and web designer. She also assisted in creating interview questions and conducting the interviews. (Gallery coming soon)

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 5.06.02 PM.png

Capturing the essence of humans through studio and on location photography sessions.


I AM... Photo Project was created by Kimberly Rose and LIFE Center Stage to inspire people in the community to look at their perception of themselves. Participants were invited to write a word that described them or an intention to bring into their lives onto the backdrop. Then photographed in front of it. This photo project celebrates our differences and reminds us that we are all connected. 


Event Photography

Event photography for festivals, street fairs, gallery openings, plays, musicals, town hall events, parties, etc.  (Gallery coming soon)

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