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Kimberly Rose, Visual Storyteller and Artist

Forged from the creative and wanderlust fueled adventures of Kimberly Rose, a New Jersey native. Kim has a love of nature, traveling, live music, storytelling, writing, photography and the creative arts. Kim is an animal lover, Reiki II Practitioner and has an awesome rock collection. 

Kim shows her passions through her artistry, entrepreneurism and outreach efforts. She has been involved in the arts for most of her life as a visual artist as well as producing over 150 concerts and other local events, various storytelling photo projects and more.

We hope you will find the perfect art prints that you will treasure evermore. 



Support Women Artists Now
Rest Stop Rejuvenate, Rockaway, NJ

MARCH 2018

Local Artists Showcase        
Boontunes, Boonton, NJ


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